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The Georgian Foreign Minister has congratulated the diplomats on the Day of Georgian Diplomacy

Dear colleagues, my friends,

I congratulate you on the Day of Georgian Diplomacy!

I joined this large family soon after the restoration of Georgia’s independence and had the honour to personally participate in the advance of Georgian diplomacy along the rather interesting, albeit challenging, stages of its development.

Since the restoration of Georgia’s independence Georgian diplomacy has managed to achieve numerous successes. Simultaneously, we continuously endured through challenging times and hardships. Both in the past as well as today we bear the burden of working in the harshest of geopolitical environments in a transforming world, which demands witted, prudent, often bold and even daring decision-making on our behalf! The fact that Georgia continues to develop even as it suffers the suffocating circumstances of occupation, successfully aspiring towards membership of the European and Euro-Atlantic family, is, to a great degree, a testimony to your hard work and dedication. I am convinced, that it is, in fact, Georgian Diplomacy that will act the powerhouse in finalising the process of peaceful reunification of the entirety of our country.

We had a generation of diplomats, worthy of highest degrees of reverence, who managed to strengthen Georgia’s statehood on the eve of its independence, a time of unprecedented hardship, which often came at the cost of self-sacrifice. Some of them stand among us today and I would like to take my time to thank them for the many years of tireless service they provided for our country. Unfortunately, most of them are no longer with us, which is why it is our duty to eternalise their memory and work via the means of professionalism and dedication to our common cause.

Practically on the annual basis our ranks are replenished by young diplomats, who provide the ministry with a new spark. Therefore, I am convinced, that their talent and innovative vision paired with our experience, will elevate Georgian diplomacy to ever-higher levels of quality and professionalism.

For the last few years, Georgia has been able to greet every new year with major foreign policy achievements. In this regard, 2019 will not be an exception. We have further solidified relations with our western partners; strengthened the European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes; taken steps to ensure stability of our country and mobilise support from the international community; hosted international forums of highest significance.

I am proud, to see the aforementioned successes realised by our team – based on the centuries of knowledge of our ancestors, still young, but already an experienced Georgian Diplomacy!

I would like to, once again, wholeheartedly congratulate you on behalf of my family!